IDDS Aarogyam (meaning “good health”) is a four-week International Development Design Summit to design and develop health-focused interventions and technologies to improve access to health care in resource-poor communities.

IDDS Aarogyam will be held July 6 – August 1, 2015 in Chennai, India, and organized by IDIN Network members in coordination with the HIVE, a local nonprofit that helps innovative ideas come to life through access to knowledge, expertise, market information, and networks.

Participants in IDDS Aarogyam will work closely with communities in and around Chennai, India to create holistic healthcare solutions to meet the needs of people where they are, acknowledging their status, aspirations, and dignity.

This intense, hands-on summit will bring together community representatives, health workers, midwives, students, business leaders, engineers, and designers from across the globe who will work together to develop locally-accessible solutions with the potential to strengthen the healthcare system and empower participants in the process.

IDDS Aarogyam will be instructed by Benjamin Linder, Associate Professor of Design and Mechanical Engineering, Olin College of Engineering, and supported by Zubaida Bai and other IDIN Network members.

By the end of the four-week experience, participants will create several prototypes and business models that will aid public private partnership in the health space and promote adoption in the communities where they are designed. While these prototypes and business models will be designed specifically to support the creation of inclusive healthcare solutions in the communities where the summit is organized, the intention is that they will have the potential to scale and replicate across geographies in need of access to quality healthcare.

One of the things that makes IDDS unique is the diversity of its participants. We encourage all people, including those involved in public health, engineering, design, business, government, or local community living (farmers, mothers, welders, mechanics, etc.) to apply.

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